Dinner for two

I made a set for those that don’t want to clutter their cupboards, and are looking for something to set aside for more romantic and intimate nights. Two plates and a modest serving plate. Click on images for their labels. And they nest in each other, so they stack easy.

Serving dish and Platter

Pardon the poor quality. Hope that the end of school will give me the opportunity to pursue this more seriously as a business.

Something different

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about and requests for my earrings lately, especially my up-cycled ones. So here you are. bike tube feathers:13-15$. Maze: 14-16$ Bead/chain works: 14-17$

For your coffee shop

If you are interested in ordering something for your shop, here’s a small sample of what I can offer, though I welcome custom orders too. Creamers and butter-bells espresso/shot glasses and all of the rest

More plates

Sold both individually and as a set. Contact for details.  

Ramekins and matching bowl set

  Stackable and oven safe. For individual soufflés or pot pies at a dinner party.   76-86 for the set.   Soup bowls. Turquoise inside, exposed red clay outside. Set of 4 – 75-85$  


Fall swirl 38$ SOLD

Stackable and compact

The Skeletal handles make it easy to fit many cups into a small space. And the tea-bowls stack nicely.   Salt pinchers: