Kitchen ware

Ceramic cylinder for your kitchen ware. Morgan clay body. 27-37$

Tea bowls

Morgan clay body. 20 $ per cup or 17 $ each if ordered as a set (there are six available).

Thrown Plates

White clay body; wheel thrown; 40-45$ per plate. Discounts considered for sets.

My first order

8 bowls for my mother in law. Black Mountain clay body. White shino glaze.

Beginning (Part 2)

More pictures from the silent auction that was held in our food forest (a year ago it wasn’t quite as wild and lush as it is now)… There was actually enough space to host a bunch of friends and a couple tables of amateur pottery back then

The beginnings

I thought I’d start with the start, back to my first pottery class and studio…It was late October 2014. I had been in America for almost 6 months by then, and still no green card. And so I started potting at the Potter’s Studio in Berkeley, CA. Here are some of my first creations (Part…